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Tankless Water-Heater Flush

Velocity restores circulation and pressure in under 20 minutes.

Mill Rose Sized

Blue Monster Velocity, a new specially-formulated tankless water-heater flush, is introduced by the Clean-Fit Products division of The Mill-Rose Company (Mentor, OH). Developed for use on commercial and residential tankless water heaters, Velocity is a fast-acting compound with the strength needed to remove scale, lime, rust and other corrosive water-formed deposits. Velocity is easy to use, consists of odorless granules that eliminate splashes and spills, and restores circulation and pressure in under 20 minutes. Specifically:

  • The cleaning process consists of mixing Blue Monster Velocity with water that is circulated through the tankless water heater for a complete flush that restores water flow and heating efficiency for like-new performance.
  • Velocity contains sulfamic acid, a highly effective agent used to clean heat exchangers, boilers and condensers. It’s compatible with copper, CPVC, PEX and PERT piping systems.
  • Velocity is non-corrosive and NSF Nonfood Compounds A3 listed, assuring it is safe for use in food processing environments., 800-321-3598

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