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Move Robotic Equipment with Ease

PickAPP is an Android application designed to perform “Pick and Place” operations in a completely new way.

Comau A

With the aim of creating a more intuitive, easier and faster way to control industrial robots, Comau (Turin, Italy) releases PickAPP, an Android application to perform “Pick and Place” operations in a completely new way. PickAPP is designed for an 8-10-inch tablet, configured with graphical operations which drastically improve the overall user experience. Thanks to this application, anyone familiar with smartphones will be able to move a robot and create a pick and place process simply preparing a list of waypoints, without having to learn robotic programming language. The user moves the robot manually by pulling and pushing robot joints, or using the interface in a similar way that is used for toy cars or drones. Additional configurations, like the type of movement and the actions related to a gripper, can be easily added.

PickAPP is available for Comau low payload robots, such as Rebel-S (SCARA), Racer3 and Racer5 (3 to 5 kilogram payload), and will soon be implemented for the entire Comau robot family.
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