Tech Claims it Can Cultivate Veggies with No E. coli

Romaine Recall Ap

CORONA, Calif., Dec. 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Grow Pod Solutions, a leading agtech company and developer of transportable automated farms, announced that its advanced indoor cultivation pods can grow lettuce and other produce without the contamination that is associated with other farming methods. This is especially important given the recent recall of lettuce due to E.coli contamination.

The GrowPod system features the world's first medical grade cultivation environment. The modular, stackable pods are engineered to provide maximum yields, and use proprietary technology to monitor every detail of plant growth, including light intensity, nutrient delivery, air purification, and oxygen levels.

"We provide farm-to-table freshness with 100% traceability," said George Natzic, president of Grow Pod Solutions. "And through our proprietary water and air delivery systems, we can guarantee that our plants are free of harmful pathogens," he added.

GrowPod allows businesses, entrepreneurs, restauranteurs, grocery stores, schools and organizations to grow fresh, healthy food on-site that is free from disease, pesticides and dangerous chemicals.

The GrowPod hydroponic growing system uses sterile water and purified air in a sealed and filtered environment, eliminating the sources of contamination.

The company's patented bipolar air ionization reduces airborne pollutants and creates a medical-grade growing environment. The process delivers ionized oxygen molecules - neutralizing chemical compounds and VOCs, and sterilizing mold and bacteria, to create the optimum environment for safe, bountiful cultivation.

According to the CDC, romaine lettuce grown in Monterey, San Benito, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, and Ventura counties in California are linked to the deadly outbreak of E.coli.

The government website also states, "If you do not know where your romaine lettuce was harvested, do not eat it and throw it away."