BYK Cylindrical Mandrel Tester

Gardco Sized

Bending coated sheet metal over a defined radius is an indicator of the elongation and adhesion of a paint film at bending stress. This mandrel from Gardco (Pompano Beach, FL) is used for simple and quick testing of the flexibility of a coating by bending a coated panel over a rod of known diameter and then examining the coating for cracking, flaking or other damage. Features include:

  • 12 mandrels of stainless steel
  • Rod diameters from 2 to 32 mm
  • Handle design makes it easy to bend the metal panel
  • Product selection is compliant with method ISO 1519
  • Made of anodized aluminum
  • Panels up to 2.56 inches (65 mm) width can be tested
  • Maximum panel thickness - 0.031 inches (0.79mm); 800-762-2478 

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