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Finishing World Feature: Ion Exchange for Metal Finishing

An integrated, skid-mounted system for closed-loop recycling of metal-finishing rinses.

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Water Innovations offers a complete ion exchange (CIX), featuring:

  • An integrated skid-mounted system for handling closed-loop recycling of metal-finishing rinses with pH between 3 & 10 at up to 25-gpm.
  • Produces deionized water at a cost of $4/1,000-gallons.
  • Kinetico’s patented regeneration valve.
  • Counter-current regeneration of packed-resin beds using feed-forward grain-counting.
  • A multi-stage feed pump, duplex carbon and bag filters, duplex anion exchangers and a DI water pump to process recirculating through a UV sterilizer to inhibit algae.
  • A frame constructed of stainless steel with a polyurethane coating for long-term corrosion protection.
  • Goulds e-HM pumps, GF valves, Signet instrumentation, Purolite Resin and SMC pneumatics.

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