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Finishing World Feature: Centerless Grinder Improves Volume, Flexibility

The GT-610 CNC works to reduce cycle times, changeover times and plant floor footprint.

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Glebar Company offers its GT-610 CNC centerless grinding machine to infeed grind as many as eight aerospace fasteners per cycle with features that include: 

  • The ability to be used with Glebar’s offline P4K measuring system.
  • Capacity for as many as eight parts per cycle.
  • The P4K allows for 100 percent inspection of each part, scanning all parts in a cycle (all stations) and feeds back diameter, including taper and radii, to correct wheel dress shape automatically and for the complete profile geometry.
  • A motorized work rest blade that adjusts the lateral position of the parts (while grinding) to help control flush head angles and the radius behind the fastener heads.
  • Automatic wheel balancing and acoustic emissions sensing.
  • Multiple independent position slide adjustability.
  • Advanced grinding wheel materials that can handle higher-speed grinding.

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