Editor's Pick: Spray Low-Viscosity Materials

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The PILOT Twin from Walther Pilot (Chesterfield, MI) was developed for spraying low-viscosity materials such as mold release and separating agents. It features a light, robust build and a three finger trigger for maximum comfort during extended runs, and has a generous selection of nozzle sizes that range from 0.2mm to 1.5mm. Other features include:

  • A choice of three different spraying angles (30o, 60o, and straight ahead). There is no need to change the nozzle insert or air cap to switch between spraying angles. You need only change the air distribution ring, which are included with the spray gun. The ring can be changed in seconds without tools.
  • Shipped ready-to-use and includes a 15-foot twin hose and a 2-liter aluminum pressure tank. This makes for the perfect compact, mobile manual mold release spray system.
  • A cost effective system, with components that can also be supplied individually.

www.waltherpilotna.com; 586-598-0347

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