Jeffrey Kucik

Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Arizona

Dr. Kucik's research addresses questions in international political economy. He is primarily interested in the politics of international law and organizations. His work looks at why countries enter into formal agreements and how those agreements shape member state behavior.

Dr. Kucik also researches the sources of global market volatility and the political economy of conflict.

He previously worked at City College of New York for three years where he served as the Director of the Masters in International Affairs program. Prior to that, Dr. Kucik was a postdoctoral fellow at Princeton University. He also spent three years as a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) at University College London. During that time, he was Director of International Public Policy.

Dr. Kucik holds a PhD from Emory University ('10), MA from the University of Manchester ('05) and BA from NC State ('03).

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