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Product Marketing Managers in the Industrial Space

The product marketing manager is a position that’s increasingly common in the industrial world, working hand-in-hand with the product manager to ensure marketplace success.

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To ensure the success of any product, you’ll need leaders, managers, and executives who know that product inside and out. One notable example from the manufacturing world is the product manager, a role who helps shepherd each new product or product line from its inception through various stages of iterationand ultimately its market launch.

Having a product manager can be incredibly meaningful, yet it’s not the only leadership role that calls for extensive, forward-and-backward product knowledge. The product marketing manager is another position that’s increasingly common in the industrial world, working hand-in-hand with the product manager to ensure marketplace success.

What is a Product Marketing Manager?

The role of the product marketing manager is to develop a granular understanding of the unique value that each product offers, and to cultivate the language and positioning required to develop an impactful go-to-market strategy.

Additionally, the product marketing manager gathers feedback from customers who actually use the product, passing it along to the product manager for ongoing development and refinement.

What is the Product Marketing Manager’s Job Description?

The specific duties and responsibilities of the product marketing manager can vary from one role to the next, but a typical job description might look something like this:

  • Developing brand messaging that fully conveys the product’s value and its ability to address customer pain points.
  • Creating a go-to-market strategy that positions products for commercial success in the marketplace.
  • Conducting market research, analyzing consumer preferences and trends to help better position a new product.
  • Conducting competitor analysis, seeking opportunities to penetrate existing marketplaces.
  • Supporting the sales team, ensuring they have the resources they need to fully articulate each product’s merits.
  • Creating broader messaging surrounding the brand, helping to establish the company as a trusted name among consumers.

What is the Scope of Responsibilities for a Product Marketing Manager?

It’s important to note that the scope of responsibilities might change from one company to the next. Some product marketing managers might be in charge of just a single product; a single product family; or in some cases, they might have jurisdiction over a specific geographic area. For example, a cell phone company might have different product marketing managers to help position their devices in Asia, in Europe, etc.

Where Do Product Marketing Managers Fit within Existing Team Structures?

Product marketing managers tend to collaborate closely with both members of the sales team and members of the marketing team, providing them with the tools and training needed to make each product shine. Close collaboration with the product manager is an especially important part of this role.

What are Some Key Tools for Product Marketing Managers?

To facilitate this level of collaboration, it’s important for product managers and product marketing managers to work from a single source of truth, drawing from up-to-date product specs and analytics while orienting themselves to the same goals, deadlines, and budgetary parameters. Software solutions such as a Gocious product roadmap management program can be invaluable here.

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Product Marketing Manager?

Product marketing managers bring a number of strengths to manufacturing companies. Here are just a few reasons why their work is so meaningful within the industrial space:

  • Product marketing managers bring extensive knowledge of industry trends, consumer preferences, and competition.
  • A product marketing manager can help ensure the most effective messaging to distinguish a product’s benefits and value.
  • Product marketing managers can develop go-to-market strategies that lead to smooth, successful launches.
  • By supporting the sales team, product marketing managers help the entire organization function at a more optimal level.
  • Product marketing managers also help to create feedback loops that allow for ongoing product refinement and improvement.
  • Organizations that hire a product marketing manager can see measurable impact in several KPIs, exhibiting real commercial growth.

The bottom line? Every manufacturing company benefits from qualified leaders who know the product line like the back of their hand. One role that every manufacturer should consider is the product marketing manager. The person in this role can work synergistically with the members of the product development team, fleshing out product portfolios that are positioned for long-lasting success. Consider the merits of adding a product marketing manager to your team.

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