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Reinventing The Wheel

Jaguar sees a future where the only part of a vehicle that’s owned is a universal steering wheel.

While the way we drive hasn’t changed all that dramatically yet, there have been enough developments in autonomous vehicles and ride-sharing platforms to believe that some of these long-standing traditions are ready to be re-defined.

And while some OEMs are investigating a number of replacements, at least one is holding on to a very traditional element of the automotive experience.

Jaguar – Land Rover will unveil their Sayer concept next week in London. The Sayer, which is named after prominent Jaguar design engineer Malcom Sayer, is described as an intelligent, removable steering wheel that doubles as a personal assistant.

Essentially, Jaguar foresees a future where the only part of a vehicle that’s needed is an oval-shaped piece of metal resembling a monitor frame that interfaces with any type of vehicle make or model.

In addition to two integrated information displays, the Sayer contains smartphone like capabilities that utilize artificial intelligence platforms to manage the owner’s schedule. This allows for sending reminders and setting alarms, scheduling car pick-ups, providing navigational data and even suggesting when a human driver might be preferred to the computer.

Adding to its mobile device similarities, the Sayer remains docked when not in use.

According to Jaguar, one of the benefits of a communal approach to vehicle ownership will be an ability to choose from a wider selection of models, if the desire to actually operate the vehicle overwhelms you. 

Sayer would be able to identify and schedule the ideal vehicle type for everything from a run to the grocery store to helping a friend move to finding something cool enough that your daughter will actually allow you to park within a half-mile when dropping her off for school.

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