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Wearable Deal Allows NFL Players to Sell Health Data

A device manufacturer could provide fans with player body temps, heart rates, sleep levels and other heath data.

In case the hundreds of sports sites and numerous TV shows showering us with information on professional athletes wasn’t enough, now you might be able to see how many hours of sleep Aaron Rodgers will need the night before a game, or how Tom Brady’s heart rate fluctuates after throwing a touchdown pass.

Fantasy football team owners can thank a deal between the National Football League Players Association and WHOOP – a wearable device manufacturer that describes itself as a human performance company – for this extra insight.

So in addition to WHOOP providing their devices for use in monitoring a player’s health data, the players have the right to sell this information.

The waterproof wristband, which runs on a rechargeable battery and is recommended for wear 24 hours a day, should be positioned just above the wrist bone and snugged tightly enough to ensure embedded sensors make solid contact with the skin.

These sensors measure biometric data 100 times per second, and send this information to WHOOP’s mobile and web application.

In addition to providing NFL players with a greatly needed source of additional revenue - the minimum annual salary will be $465,000 in 2017, WHOOP provides players, or anyone else who wears the band, with information focused on personal performance readiness.

By looking at different factors impacting heart rate, body temperature and motion, WHOOP calculates daily exertion levels to make sure you’re training at optimum levels. The wearable also accesses the amount of strain being placed on your body and calculates how much sleep you’ll need to fully recover.

Recommendations are also generated on how to increase performance and decrease injuries through training and recovery.

According to WHOOP’s website, athletes that have used the wearable and followed its recommendations have been able to sleep more, are less prone to injury and consume less alcohol.

You almost had me WHOOP.

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