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Hate Mowing the Lawn?

Enter another creepy robot to do it for you.

Are you sick and tired of spending hours and hours in the sweltering heat, dragging the lawnmower across your yard?

It’s a thankless, endless job. And there’s got to be a better way.

Enter another sort of creepy robot that does a questionable job to do it for you. Robomow is a lawnmower company offering five battery-powered robot vacuums designed to tackle different-sized lawns. These electric, bagless mowers use sensors, and an app to help the user program mower cycles and zones.

Perimeter wire must first be installed, so the Robomow knows where your lawn starts and stops. After connecting the charging base, you’re more or less ready to let Robomow go. Unless, that is, there is any moisture to be had.

In a recent CNET test, wet grass turned Robomow’s wheels into a sticky, clogged mess. Oh yeah, and Robomow can only motor around the yard for about 45 minutes on a charge, and then needs two hours to charge on its docking station.

On the upside, Robomow is quiet and doesn’t emit fumes and, if it works well, you’re off the hook on a Saturday.

We found Robomow’s high end RS630 on Amazon, where it sells for a little over $2,000. That’s really only a couple of years of paying the neighbor kid to do it, though I feel much better about my neighbor kid’s ability to not scare the crap out of my dog.

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