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High-Speed, Modular Automation Platform

FlexChassis can be configured to meet a very wide range of manufacturing objectives.

Jr Automation Flex Chassis
JR Automation

JR Automation is proud to release FlexChassis, an exciting modular automation platform that expands the company's portfolio of turnkey solutions for manufacturers. Unveiled at ATX West, this high-speed linear chassis minimizes up-front concepting, design and build time to provide customers unmatched flexibility for high-speed and high-volume assembly.

Built with standardized, pre-designed modules, FlexChassis can be configured to meet a very wide range of manufacturing objectives for assembly and process applications. Ideal for the medical, consumer goods and electronics manufacturing markets, FlexChassis has the adaptability to resolve challenges in almost any industry. Its flexibility makes it scalable and allows customers to quickly grow from pilot lines into full production systems.

"We recognized a market need for an automation platform that allowed for high flexibility without requiring a significant amount of upfront engineering; lowering cost, minimizing risk and shortening delivery," said Greg Herman, Business Development Manager.

FlexChassis offers a variety of configuration choices to match a customer's needs. It is adaptable to many platforms--continuous motion, indexing, benchtop, power and free—and works with multiple prime movers. FlexChassis also includes full digital control and process monitoring. Additionally, linear motors give FlexChassis speed, accuracy and operational flexibility with multiple configurations through a human machine interface (HMI) recipe selection.

From a capabilities perspective, FlexChassis offers a wide selection of choices. Assembly capabilities can include ultrasonic welding, riveting, screwing, snap fit, gluing, UV gluing, decorating, heat sealing, joining dissimilar materials and more. Material joining capabilities include heat/ultrasonic foil sealing, laser tacking, laser ablation, laser or ultrasonic cutting and die cutting.

From UL and CE to FDA and Gamp5, the FlexChassis design can be tailored to match specific production requirements. For clean manufacturing needs, FlexChassis meets various ISO classes. "FlexChassis was engineered from the ground up taking into consideration the needs of our medical customers while offering the flexibility our customers expect," said Mick Trompen, Medical Market Chief Engineer. 

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