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Week’s Wackiest Tech Ideas

By Jennifer Hooker, IEN Staff

August 8, 2008—Over the years, technology has brought us a lot of good with innovations that change the way the world functions. Just imagine a world without computers, TV, or microwaves. Nowadays leaving the house without a cell phone strapped to our hip makes us feel naked.

However, there is another side of technology that can take these wonderful innovations into a completely different direction that generally feels unnecessary and sometimes just plain dumb. With that in mind, here’s our list if “advancements” that we think the world would be better off without. 

  1. According to the Associated Press, the website is a hybrid of MySpace and YouTube for Fido. Since its launch in mid-July, the Virginia-based social networking site has garnered over 700 active user profiles. We don’t have anything against pampering a pooch, but this crosses the line along with diamond-studded collars. What’s next, a spin off site called Fleaspace?

  2. Styrofoam Homes. These usual domiciles seem like they were edited out of the Three Little Pigs, because if the big bad wolf were to huff and puff, he could surely blow this house into the next county. Tech blog Gizmodo, reports that Japan Dome House Co Ltd constructs these homes made from 7 in. thick expanded polystyrene foam modules. The company claims that the Styrofoam houses don’t have any of the maintenance issues of traditionally constructed homes, and are typhoon, fire, and earthquake resistant. One thing’s for sure, the house will certainly be well insulated, and owners will have instant packing peanuts when it’s time to move.

  3. Toyota Winglet is essentially the only competitor to the Segway, and while competition is often considered positive, we’d be content to allowing this market to remain a monopoly. (Check out this video of the Winglet in action) Considering that Segways are so popular and people are just whizzing by on every sidewalk, it seems like Toyota would be smart to leave this prototype alone. After all is walking really that complicated?

  4. Rear View TV Mirrors. Call us crazy, but we think that this is a bad idea, not to mention probably illegal in most if not all states. But there’s probably some genius out there ordering one right now on his iPhone driving down the New Jersey Turnpike. According to gadget blog, Technabob, these rear view mirrors are a growing trend in China and range from basic LCD models to touchscreen versions with Bluetooth connectivity for dialing your hands-free phone. Wonder if you’ll need a digital converter box for it come February?

  5. Trip to nowhere. JetBlue is offering trips out of John F. Kennedy airport to nowhere, and guess what they’re free. Reuters reported that the airline will actually be testing out it’s new bag check and security systems and is requesting 1,000 of their frequent fliers go through the hassle of checking in luggage and go through security for a fictional flight. Given all of trouble JFK has recently encountered with bag check-in, a dress rehearsal isn’t a bad idea, but asking your best customers to suffer through it isn’t a wise move. Reuters didn’t elaborate on the tech behind these new systems but one would hope it’s pretty high-tech if they need 1,000 guinea pigs to practice on.  

(Photos Courtesy: Gizmodo and Cnet)

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  • Roy Salkus on Aug 11 2008 1:18:27:000PM

    First shows about nothing, now flights to nowhere. Has Seinfeld become an airline pilot ?

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