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Plug are components which are either used as connectors for connecting electrically operated devices to the power mains or used as objects for blocking the holes tightly and obstructing the passage in hollow areas. The former is commonly known as electrical plugs and the latter as mechanical plugs. An electrical plug is usually a male connector with contact prongs, which connects the device electrically or mechanically to a matching female socket slot available in the power supply mains. The body of the electric plug is made of non-conducting material such as plastic or rubber to reduce the risk of injuries that may be caused due to electric shock. A mechanical plug is used to seal and lock high pressure pipelines. It is used at the end of the passage lines where the flow has to be obstructed or stopped.


Some of the common types of plugs are:

  • Electrical plugs
  • Mechanical plugs
  • Pipe plugs
  • Tube plugs
  • Ear plugs
  • Spark plugs
  • Banana plugs

Based on the type of material used for construction, plugs are classified as:

  • Rubber plugs
  • Plastic plugs
  • Neoprene plugs


Some of the applications of plugs are:

  • Electrical plugs are used widely across the world ranging from usages such as connecting appliances in residences to connecting large machines in industries
  • Pipe plugs are used by plumbing contractors for isolating the work areas in piping
  • Tube plugs are used for both high pressure and low pressure applications in moisture separator reheaters, feedwater heaters, preheaters, coolers, condensers, and tubed heat exchangers
  • Tube plugs are used in power plants, chemical plants, refineries and off-shore oil rigs
  • Tube plugs are used for industrial tubing and mailing tubes applications
  • Ear plugs are used to protect the ear canal from noise, dust, foreign bodies and water

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