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Providing a Safe Work Environment: Programs That Work

Scott Stone, Safety Manager, ATS

For a contracted, outsourced provider of factory maintenance services like Advanced Technology Services, Inc (ATS), attention to health and safety is a top priority. As a service provider living each day at our customer sites, ATS personnel typically enter a variety of environments that can present many different safety challenges. ATS therefore has established its own core top-notch safety program.

Maintenance itself is a cornerstone to ensuring plant safety. Machines in poor condition can pose a number of different safety hazards, from a broken press or saw to leaks and spills on the floor that can cause a slip. Some of the most vulnerable workplace sites are confined spaces that need maintenance, like tanks and furnaces. ATS advocates preventative maintenance, not only assuring the hum of productivity, but to avoid machine breakdowns that could themselves lead to personal injury.

ATS is committed to providing a safe work environment for their employees and their customers. This is a commitment made by the company and is the individual and collective responsibility of all ATS employees.

ATS achieves this commitment through:

  • Implementing safety programs throughout the organization to establish a culture of safety excellence.

  • Providing training and the necessary resources so that employees can perform their jobs safely.

  • Monitoring adherence to safety policies and procedures to ensure compliance with all governmental safety regulations.

It is the intent of ATS to comply with all applicable laws concerning the health and safety of their employees, their customers, and the public. ATS endeavors to provide safe and healthy working conditions and to establish and insist upon safe practices at all times by all employees. This is accomplished through the development of site-specific health and safety plans, performing safety audits, setting annual safety goals, providing a full curriculum of safety training, providing incentives, through their accident reporting and investigation processes, and by holding their employees accountable. Listed below are some of the various programs that ATS uses to ensure compliance and ensure a safe work environment:

Health and Safety Plan: ATS develops site-specific health and safety plans that include all of the regulatory programs such as: lockout / tagout, confined space entry, hazard communication, personal protective equipment, respiratory protection, medical response, hearing conservation, accident reporting / investigation, etc. Our health and safety plans are tailored to align with the processes currently in place at our customer sites.

Safety Training: Every ATS employee has an assigned course curriculum that they are responsible to complete depending on their job function. This consists of fully interactive online training in conjunction with hands-on training. Our online training is fully customizable and can be tailored to fit any situation. ATS also has the capability to build our own online courses. This is meaningful for ATS because the company has offices and customer sites all across the country.

Safety Scorecard: Safety is managed at each of our factory and service center sites through a safety scorecard. The scorecards outline everything a site needs to do to properly manage its safety process and ensure compliance. Each site is assigned a monthly percentage score, ensuring that sites that are not performing can be identified and put on an improvement plan.

Employee Accountability: ATS has an accountability program that affects every employee -- all are required to comply with the safety standards.

Employee Suggestion Program: ATS'' employee suggestion program allows employees to formally communicate any safety suggestions/concerns they have. ATS feels it is extremely important for companies to listen to the voice of their employees.

Safety Audits: ATS uses several audits to verify safe work conditions and safe work practices at customer sites.

Safety Incentive Program: ATS has an activity-based safety incentive program that is designed to give immediate and positive recognition to team members who complete safety activities, participate in company programs, and ultimately, achieve safety success.

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